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The world of sales has changed. Customers don’t want to spend 40 minutes telling you about their problems and then you will tell them if you can help them. Plus social media has changed the sales landscape. Consumers are just fundamentally better informed and more empowered. Selling has changed because buying has fundamentally changed.

The empowered and informed consumer has got their own journey and your job as a sales person is to meet them on their journey and propel them and work with them towards a final sale. We have entered into "the Age of Positioning".

SEO PERSONAL offers you , a full-service online marketing tools. We are a full-service Internet marketing optimization company that will provide you solutions and will show you all the possibilities for maximizing your business. 
We share your thoughts, we fight together with you.


SEO PERSONAL, as a fully white hat SEO firm is a specialized online marketing agency focused on communication tools and content management for social networks and blogs as tools to improve and increase the visibility of your brand. We seed your website and content across all relevant social networks and show you how optimize your site for social media marketing. We design the best strategy, the best campaign management, including promotions, coupons, new products... manage your presence, content development, create and maintain blogs, analyze your competition and elaborate monthly reports and analysis of your social media presence and performance.

We generate a simply, clearly, right communication to reach your customer because we do believe that information overload is an increasing problem both in the workplace, and in life in general. We seek for "Quality over Quantity".


SEO PERSONAL offers a mass mail service, creating a newsletters and e-mailing the right people at the right time and what is really important, dosing shipments and facilitating an Email Marketing Analytics - see which emails get results and which don't.

Remember that is not the amount of information that is sent but the quality of it that makes it reads.
Why do you need a specialized company for this? to avoid your e-mails to be returned, your IP address Blacklisted or Rejected by Recipient.
Remember a mail should be:
Correctly identified, authorized, simply, creative and clear enough.